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Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai

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Salman Ahmed is a well-known music and entertainment industry figure with a career spanning almost thirty years. He has organized and produced over a thousand musical events worldwide. One of his songs has over a billion views on YouTube. Salman has received recognition from many top-tier organizations, including Google (who invited him as a speaker for a Google Talks event) and the Oxford University Music Faculty. His expertise in marketing has helped him create highly successful, thematic touring events year after year. Thanks to his innovative ideas, Salman has been recognized by several prestigious organizations, enabling him to take his career to new heights.

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We encourage you to explore the links below for detailed insights into our strategies, successes, and case studies. These resources offer a deeper understanding of how PME approaches marketing, develops brands, and executes successful promotional campaigns.

We excel in various facets of marketing and promotions. Our services encompass brand building, crafting impactful promotional messages, and facilitating partnerships with established brands or influential figures. Whether it’s leveraging digital platforms, offline media, or innovative out-of-home displays, PME harnesses diverse channels to effectively communicate messages to the target audience.

PME collaborates closely with partners to understand their objectives and tailor bespoke strategies. Whether it’s enhancing brand visibility, conveying specific messages, or leveraging associations with renowned brands or personalities, our expertise in marketing and promotions ensures that partners achieve their desired outcomes effectively.

Absolutely! We specialize in creating memorable and engaging events that leave a lasting impact. Leveraging our extensive experience and professional network, we curate shows and experiences that captivate audiences, ensuring a memorable event.

PME stands out due to its unparalleled expertise in reaching and engaging the South Asian diaspora on a global scale. Our strength lies in understanding diverse markets and tailoring strategies that resonate with specific audiences. Additionally, our proficiency in utilizing various media channels, both digital and offline, allows us to effectively convey messages and elevate brands.

PME has a global reach that extends across six continents, specializing in engaging the South Asian diaspora. Our expertise spans major cities like Toronto, New York City, London, Dubai, Auckland, and many more, providing tailored experiences that resonate with diverse audiences worldwide.