Our strength lies in reaching the South Asian diaspora across 6 continents. Whether in Toronto, New York City, London, Dubai, or Auckland, PME has the experience to gather audiences together and engage them with a memorable show that is not easily forgotten. While building our professional network, we’ve also become experts in the field of marketing and promotions. Our partners come to us for help in building their brand, communicating promotional messages, or associating with an established brand (or figure) to help reach their goals. We are experts in using digital and offline media, as well as out-of-home displays, to get the message across to the target audience. For more information on this, please click on the links below.

PME Entertainment, established in 1987, boasts over 37 years of extensive global experience in event curation and production. The company set up its UAE headquarters in April 2013, strategically positioning itself as a leader in the rapidly evolving entertainment industry. Committed to pushing boundaries and embracing innovation, PME has consistently maintained high standards in talent and AV production.

Services provided by PME Entertainment encompass a comprehensive range of offerings:

PME Entertainment’s dedication to excellence is evident in its commitment to delivering outstanding services across diverse sectors. The company focuses on bringing iconic musical talents to a global stage, planning, conceptualizing, producing, and executing concerts that transcend regional boundaries.

The organization’s expertise in music production and event management has facilitated connections with global talents, fostering a network and ensuring the success of shows through continuous support from audiences and clients. PME Entertainment’s ethos revolves around captivating audiences and creating unforgettable experiences, conceptualizing and producing exceptional events worldwide.

Wide Range of Musical Acts:
Boasting a vast network of musicians, singers, and artists worldwide, PME Entertainment covers genres from classical to rock to pop, catering to diverse occasions.
High-Quality Audio and Visuals:
Utilizing state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, the organization ensures clear and well-distributed sound for an immersive experience. A skilled in-house tech team handles graphics, lighting, and special effects to enhance each performance.
Experienced Event Production & Management:
PME Entertainment's team comprises highly experienced event visualizers and managers who seamlessly handle all aspects of event execution, consistently exceeding attendee expectations.
Attention to Detail:
Meticulously planning every show, PME Entertainment considers aspects such as lighting, stage layout, and speaker positioning, leaving no stone unturned to deliver a flawless musical experience at every event.

About Salman Ahmed

Salman Ahmed, an iconic figure in the global entertainment and music industry since 1987, has attained unprecedented heights in his remarkable 36-year journey. Renowned as one of the foremost concert promoters globally, he has curated and executed over 1500 live concerts, establishing himself as a visionary entrepreneur orchestrating unparalleled spectacles on the world stage.

A trailblazing music producer, Salman’s magnum opus, “Back 2 Love,” produced on an international scale in June 2014, exemplifies his ability to craft transcendent musical experiences. His chart-topping creation, “Zaroori Tha,” with over 1.5 billion YouTube views, showcases his global impact, resonating across diverse digital platforms.

Having expanded his influence internationally, Salman Ahmed’s sold-out concerts at prestigious venues like the Etihad Arena, Yas Island, underscore his capacity to captivate audiences on a grand global scale. The recent triumph on Nov 18, featuring Bollywood sensation Arijit Singh, highlights his ability to bring international superstars to center stage.

Beyond his musical achievements, Salman Ahmed has made significant contributions to global peace and diplomacy. PME Entertainment’s notable involvement in the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in 2014, organizing events for the United Nations General Assembly in March 2016, and arranging signature events for His Highness King Charles in Buckingham Palace in 2017 showcase his commitment to using entertainment as a platform for positive change.

Salman Ahmed’s influence extends beyond entertainment, as a founding member of His Royal Highness King Charles’ British Asian Trust and VP of Bernados, a UK Children’s Charity founded by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Additionally, his association with Oxford University’s Music Faculty, including the establishment of a music room, reflects his commitment to nurturing talent and education.

In a strategic move reflecting adaptability and resilience, Salman relocated to the GCC in May 2021, acknowledging the region’s safety amidst the challenges posed by Covid-19. His company, PME Entertainment, emerged as pioneers, organizing the first back-to-back concerts not only in the UAE but also across the wider GCC region.

Salman’s global imprint reached new heights in 2022 when PME was engaged by FIFA for the Qatar World Cup. The pre-World Cup event at Lusail Stadium on November 4, 2022, orchestrated by Salman Ahmed, drew an awe-inspiring audience of over 70,000 global attendees, solidifying his role as a key player in the international entertainment landscape.

With a significant mark across the GCC and the world in the fields of entertainment and marketing, Salman Ahmed continues to redefine global standards, leaving an indelible mark on the world stage.