Live music is unparalleled. The unfiltered exchange of energy, emotion, and passion between an artist and their audience generates a profound experience that can endure indefinitely.

PME VIP Experiences offers you the chance to elevate your concert experience and forge a closer connection with the artists you cherish.

From priority access to premium hospitality, artist engagement, and AAA experiences, we craft and curate unforgettable moments for the finest live events worldwide. Our top priority is to ensure that you, the fans, receive the most memorable and innovative VIP experiences available.

PME VIP Experience includes:

  • One Royal Plus ticket
  • Dedicated entrance to the venue
  • Exclusive photo opportunity with the artist by a professional photographer backstage
  • Pre-show soundcheck access
  • Early entry into the venue
  • One signed poster by the artist

To reserve your PME VIP Experience, please contact us at the provided phone number.

Questions? Answers.

Do you have any other questions?

You can contact us at +971 52 736 3334 through a Call or WhatsApp to inquire about availability and secure your PME VIP Experience reservation.

Certainly, the PME VIP Experience includes Royal Plus tickets, offering access to lounges situated directly in front of the stage. With the PME VIP Experience for an individual, you will enjoy a single-seater sofa, while for couple bookings, access to a two-seater sofa in the Royal Plus section is provided.

Regrettably, no compensation will be provided in the event that you are unable to attend the concert or miss components of your VIP Experience.