Experience Unforgettable Concerts with PME Entertainment at Etihad Arena

Experience Unforgettable Concerts with PME Entertainment at Etihad Arena



  •  July 5, 2024

Welcome to the vibrant world of PME Entertainment, your gateway to unforgettable live music experiences in the UAE. Since 2021, PME Entertainment has set the stage on fire at the prestigious Etihad Arena, showcasing some of the most iconic concerts in recent memory. Let’s take you on a journey through our remarkable collaborations and upcoming events that have redefined entertainment in Abu Dhabi.

Etihad Arena - Yas Island, Abu Dhabi | United Arab Emirates

Arijit Singh Live in Concert – November 19, 2021

Kicking off our exhilarating journey was the mesmerizing performance by Arijit Singh on November 19, 2021. PME Entertainment, renowned for curating exceptional live music events, teamed up with Etihad Arena to deliver an evening that resonated with soulful melodies and unparalleled production quality.

Atif Aslam Live in Concert – December 31, 2021

As the year drew to a close, PME Entertainment continued its legacy of excellence with Atif Aslam’s electrifying concert on December 31, 2021. Etihad Arena’s state-of-the-art facilities and commitment to delivering world-class experiences ensured that every attendee welcomed the New Year with music that touched the heart.

Arijit Singh Live in Concert – November 18, 2023

Returning by popular demand, Arijit Singh graced the stage once again on November 18, 2023, marking another unforgettable evening filled with his timeless hits. PME Entertainment’s collaboration with Etihad Arena proved yet again why it stands at the pinnacle of entertainment in the UAE, setting new benchmarks in concert production and audience satisfaction.

Upcoming Event: AR Rahman Live In Abu Dhabi – November 2, 2024

Looking ahead, PME Entertainment is thrilled to present AR Rahman Live in Concert at Etihad Arena on November 2, 2024. As a beacon of innovation and excellence in event management, PME Entertainment promises an extraordinary experience, bringing AR Rahman’s legendary music to Abu Dhabi in grand style.

PME Entertainment: Leading The Entertainment Landscape

PME Entertainment has cemented its reputation as a market leader in the UAE’s entertainment industry. Our commitment to delivering flawless performances and unforgettable experiences has garnered acclaim from audiences and industry professionals alike. Supported by the Abu Dhabi Tourism Board and Miral Experiences, PME Entertainment continues to push boundaries and elevate live entertainment to new heights.

Etihad Arena: Where Excellence Meets Entertainment

Etihad Arena, nestled on the beautiful Yas Bay, stands as a testament to luxury and sophistication. Its world-class amenities and dedicated team ensure seamless collaboration with promoters like PME Entertainment, enhancing every aspect of event execution. From cutting-edge technology to impeccable hospitality, Etihad Arena remains the preferred choice for hosting iconic concerts that leave a lasting impression on both artists and audiences.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Experience

Whether you’re a music enthusiast, an avid concert-goer, or simply seeking unparalleled entertainment, PME Entertainment invites you to witness the magic unfold at Etihad Arena. Be part of our journey as we continue to redefine live music experiences in Abu Dhabi and beyond.

Mark your calendars for AR Rahman Live in Abu Dhabi on November 2, 2024, and prepare to be enchanted by the magic of music at Etihad Arena. Stay tuned for updates and secure your tickets for an evening that promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

Experience the difference with PME Entertainment and Etihad Arena – where every event is a masterpiece, crafted to delight and inspire. Join us and make memories that resonate long after the music fades.

Discover more about PME Entertainment and upcoming events at PME Entertainment and book your tickets today.


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